Bernadette Käferlein :: Officially appointed and sworn translator










Welcome to my website - I am pleased to have you visit.


First of all let me introduce myself:

My name is Bernadette Käferlein, I live in Ottobeuren (Germany) and I am a freelance translator for the English language, with a degree from the Academy of Languages in Munich. I lived in the USA and Britain and was able to gain “life experience” with both language and customs of either countries.


I translate all types of documents (certified translations for marriages, divorces, immigration, emigration, studies abroad, word abroad, birth certificates, references, drivers licences, etc.) from the foreign language and vice versa.


On the following pages you will receive an overview of my services as a qualified and technically skilled translator.


If you have any questions or need a price for a translation please CONTACT me at any time.


Best regards,

Bernadette Käferlein